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November 10th, 2006 § 7

Yesterday, I told you about one of the newest classes in Ragnarok Online, the Gunslingers, however, I didn’t actually tell you much about that class. But thanks to a friend, pointing that fact out, I decided today to write a short guide about the Gunslinger with the things I know, and the references I have. So, let’s get on with it :)


Unfortunately, at the time of writing, my reference site for the skills descriptions is offline. But, since I know most of them by heart, at least the ones related to Guns, I’ll give you a brief description of the best skills for each build.

There are 4 main types of weapons you can use as a Gunslinger: Guns, Chain guns, Shotguns and Grenade Launchers. When leveling up a character, you can choose to create a build that takes advantage of those weapons in pairs, in other words, you can create a Guns user that can also user Chain Guns efficiently, or you can choose a Shotgun user that can also user Grenade Launcher.

But please take in consideration, that when you’re level reaches a certain point you can equip any of the said weapons above, however, you won’t be allowed to have many, if any, skills for it.

First thing first, before leveling up any job skills, regardless of which build you’re going to use, there are 3, or 4, skills that are absolutely obligatory to level up before any others.

The first, and most important of those skills is Snake’s Eyes, which increases your Accuracy and Hit Rate. At the beginning of the game, and at the very end, it is very crucial to have great Accuracy, and when you’re fighting against mobs the more range you have the better, obviously.

The second most important skill, to help you increase your accuracy, and your attack speed, is Single Action. At Level 10 this skill gives you HIT (accuracy) +20 and aspd +5%.

The third and fourth most important skills will depend on what type of build you’re going to use. If you’re going to use a Shotgun, you need to choose “Flip the Coin”, which allows you to gain +3 damage for each coin you have (you can have up to 10 coins). But if you’re choosing to use a Guns build, like myself, you can also choose Chain Action, which is exactly the same as the Thief’s Double Attack skill.

If you’re using a Guns / Chain Guns build, basically you need to choose the skills that depend (mostly) on Chain Action, according to this Gunslinger skill simulator. If you’re choosing a Shotgun / Grenade Launcher build, you need to choose the skills that depend on the “Tracking” and “Dust” skills.

If you choose Guns / Chain Guns, you get superb Attack Speed and damage per time.

If you choose Shotguns / Grenade Launcher you get superb Damage, and great weapons for mobbing (killing various monsters at the same time).

For guns, Rapid Shower and Desperado are the most important skills. For shotgun, there are similar ones on the bottom line, but since I don’t have access to their descriptions right now I can’t really give you a better detail on which ones.


As for the stats you should choose, the most important ones are AGI and DEX for Guns / Chainguns, and for Shotguns / Grenade Launchers they are DEX, LUK and AGI more or less in that order of preference, depending on what you want to achieve.

If this article becomes popular enough I might do a sequel for Shotgun builds, and the various equipments you can choose for a Gunslinger, but, right now, my time is short so I must leave it at this. I hope you find it helpful in any case.

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§ 7 Responses to “Ragnarok Online – Gunslinger Guide”

  • gunsling-aling says:

    You forgot about rifles

  • tyson says:

    how about the best stats for the gun slinger?
    how about its defense?

  • gino says:

    very nice! I hope you can add more info in due time… =)

  • Ocelot says:

    So, I was looking for the grenade launcher, and cannot find it. Since you seem to know a lot about Gunslingers, I figured I would ask you where I could get one for my gunslinger. Can you help me?

  • Slinger says:

    The stats? would be better a guide if you had the stats like how much dex where to cap and all.. thank you =)

  • salazar says:

    kool man tnx

  • shanni says:

    good it was quite good. since there is no one to guide through this
    section of gunslinger build therefore u r quite helpfu to this thing and i must say u should give us a more detailed description if ur time permits. plzz thnx for the guide

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